Dr Poo aired in a series of daily episodes that each ran for around 2 minutes.

Episodes 1-3
Dr introduces himself, meets Dana
(3 episodes, beginning around May 1979)

Episodes 4-12
The Dreks on the planet Porcelain
(9 episodes, around May 1979)

Episode 13
The Woollen Chook
(1 episode, around June 1979)

Episodes 14-22
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels
(9 episodes, around June 1979)

Episodes 23-26
The Two Danas
(4 episodes, around June 1979)
It was during this storyline that the voice of Dana was passed from Geoff to Ken. You can hear them both performing the two different Danas in episodes 24-25.

Episodes 27-34
K-Tel Dorado, the planet of Plastic
(8 episodes, around July 1979)

Episodes 35-41
Alf, Elsie & The Maurice Chevalier Monster
(7 episodes, around July 1979)
Alf & Elsie, the cleaning staff are Earth's only inhabitants except for a wild Maurice Chevalier Monster, which the Doctor domesticates. Alf gives the Doctor a new toilet seat for the TURDIS. All ends well. (Another bloody happy ending!!)

Footnote: The rest of the population left earth to be in 'GOD-THE MOVIE', Cecil B. de Millennium's brick-busting epic based on the bubblegum card of the same name. Now showing at someone's local drive-in.

Episodes 42-45
Superheroes Piss-up at the Suck & Whistle Bar
(4 episodes, around July 1979)

Episodes 46-49
The Industrial Dispute; Bob Hawke
(4 episodes, around July 1979)
Doctor very hung over after party, Kevin the announcer takes advantage & steps into middle of story. Demarcation dispute ensues. Enter... Bob Hawke + dispute settled. Everybody happy (for the time being)

Episodes 50-58
The Granny Planet
(9 episodes, around August 1979)
Planet populated entirely by grannies. Economy based on tea & bingo. Doctor forced to be bingo caller under threat of having his legs smacked, but he escapes. Dana king-hits defenceless granny in getaway.

Episodes 59-70
Victorian England
(12 episodes, around August 1979)
Episode transcripts: 60 62 63

Episodes 71-81
The Space Pirates
(11 episodes, around September 1979)
The TURDIS crew meet a band of pirates who are masters of a group of pathetics. The pirates become interior decorators in the final episode and everyone is happy.

Episodes 82-85
Dept. of Time & Space cuts off power to the TURDIS
(4 episodes, around September 1979)
The Department of Time and Space cut off the water, gas and heating to the TURDIS due to an administrative error.

Episodes 86-96
The Huge Hairy Dog
(11 episodes, around September 1979)

Episodes 97-100
Party for the Doctor
(4 episodes, around October 1979)

Episodes 101-105
Old Dr fades away
(5 episodes, around October 1979)
New Dr appears, with a host of angels.

Episodes 106-120
The Dreks Invade Sydney
(15 episodes, around October 1979)
The Battle of Bondi Beach.

Episodes 121-132
(12 episodes, around November 1979)
Episode 121 transcript

Episodes 133-140
Poo Crashes into Who
(8 episodes, around November 1979)
The TURDIS crashes into the TARDIS
Episode transcripts: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Episodes 140A-140C
Intro to The Khan Ages
(3 episodes, around November 1979)
Immediately following the Dr Who storyline, the Doctor announces that he's going on holiday for 4 weeks.
Complete transcripts: 1 2 3

Dr Poo is then replaced by 'The Khan Ages' for 17 episodes, transmitted over Christmas 1979 and into the New Year, featuring Genghis Khan and his mongrol hoards travelling across Europe. The reason? Geoff Kelso was away, and the rest of the team regrouped to record this spin-off series...

- Interlude -
The Khan Ages
(17 episodes, around December 1980)
Episode transcripts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Dr Poo's Christmas Messages
(4 x 1-minute monologues, Christmas 1979)
Dr Poo, Kevin, Dana and Denis broadcast individual Christmas wishes to the listeners.

Episode 141
Outro from The Khan Ages
(1 episode, around January 1980)
The Doctor, Dana, Dennis and Kevin tell us what they got up to whilst they were away.

Episodes 142-170
The Great Cuckoo Clock of Time
(29 episodes, around Jan/Feb 1980)
Dr Wee has stolen The Key of Time, so the Doctor and Dana embark on a quest to build a spare one.
Episode transcripts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Episodes 171-189
Ancient Egypt
(19 episodes, around February 1980)
Episode transcripts: 172 175

Episodes 190-195
The Very Old ABC
(6 episodes, around March 1980)

Episodes 196-212
Allen, the Alien Masseur Monster
(17 episodes, around March/April 1980)

Episodes 213-222
Trouble With Kevin
(10 episodes, around April 1980)
ep 217: Malcolm Fraser makes an announcement

Episodes 223-246
Knees Ahoy!
(24 episodes, around April/May 1980)
Knees Ahoy! was later cut-down into fewer but longer instalments for the infamous record release.
Episode transcripts: 228 229 244

Episodes 247-250
The Dr clones a new TURDIS
(4 episodes, around May 1980)

Episodes 251-292
Dr Poo versus The Forces of Universal Law & Order
(42 episodes, around June/July 1980)
Intergalactic Police, The Trial, God's Office, The Lost Property Man
Episode transcripts: 255 273
i ii iii iv v (approximately eps 286-290)

The following transmission dates have been worked out by a process of deduction, working forwards from Phil's family holiday, and backwards from an episode of Dr Wee (where Doug Mulray actually announces the date), using pointers from other Mulray comments about the weekend or the elections.

Episodes 293-312
(20 episodes, August 1980)
Incomplete episode transcripts: i ii iii iv v vi vii viii ix x xi xii xiii xiv xv xvi

Episodes 313-315
God dies, replaced by Bernie Smith
(3 episodes, August 1980)
ep 315 ends a fairly well integrated sequence of stories that began ep 251
Complete transcripts: 1 2 3

Episodes 316-330
Garry Sock's Wedding
(15 episodes, September 1980)
Complete transcripts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Episodes 331-352
The Dubbo French Revolution
(22 episodes, Sep/Oct 1980)

Australian elections took place during the transmission of the Dubbo storyline, and we believe that a standalone episode of Dr Poo - a monologue for the Doctor, without the theme idents - aired on or around Mon 29 Sep, either in place of the on-going story, or as an additional bonus episode, or special outro.

Episodes 353-372
Felix Major
(20 episodes, Oct/Nov 1980)

Episodes 373-377
Dennis Takes Over
(5 episodes, November 1980)

In his link after the final episode of this storyline, Doug Mulray referred to the show as being "nearly 500 episodes" old - we think this was a slight exaggeration!

Episodes 378-385
(8 episodes, November 1980)
Constance Poo was voiced by Lance's girlfriend at the time.

Episodes 386-408
The Almost-Destruction of the Universe
(23 episodes, Dec 1980 - Jan 1981)
Poo vs. Wee & Lavdros
Complete transcripts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Episodes 409-440
The African Adventure
(32 episodes; only 8 broadcast during original run)
The radio presenter Cliff Baxter appeared in episode 414, but his appearance was edited out of a subsequent compilation - possibly as the team were unhappy with his performance.

Episodes 441-445
Dr, Dana & Dennis get old
(5 episodes)
includes the African Shouting Spider

Much of the information above comes directly from the writers' own Catalogue of Episodes, dug out especially for this website in May 2011. Some of the early synposis are from the Fan Club episode guide, kept and scanned for us by Warren in 2010. And the episode transcripts come from a variety of off-air recordings, lovingly typed up during 2009-11 by Phil and Andrew.

Phil remembers that the original series was taken off-air in the middle of the African Adventure plot, and that later in 1981 DJs on Triple J played "previously unaired" episodes - perhaps from the end of African Adventure and the beginning of The Dr, Dana & Dennis Get Old.

You can read more about the the collections of Dr Poo recordings that we have found (or that found us) by clicking here.