Last updated 1 November 2011

Hello, Poo fans! It's the website you've all been waiting for: a trip down memory lane (bring your wellies) with the Doctor of Poo, the Dana of Sock and Denis the moggie of denim overtones. Join us as we embark WOOF BARK on a fact-finding mission: to chronicle the history of the best Australian radio serial in the world, ever! It's all cisterns go!

A word from creator, Geoff kelso:
You will soon be receiving a letter from our lawyers Greasepole, Rutlover and Pigg (once we've located their new hideout) which will injunct you to desist from being younger and more enthusiastic than us and causing us to feel old and useless because you've done something that we haven't got around to doing, to wit to woo, creating an excellent website for fans of Dr Poo.

In fact we might not bother with a lawyer's letter cos' I suddenly appear to have a knackus felicitatus for writing impenetrable legalese praetor peregrinus notwithstanding that you and your malum prohibitum are in breach of our proboscus genitalii and we have deus ex machinna on our side, so howus du ju licem themus appleus eh matus?? etcetera etcetera erratum pro bono and utu.

- Gruff Gecko

The Special Edition Turds toy!

... or the likes of, who just seem to really like poo!