Lance Curtis was a popular Australian actor, writer and comedian who became well known in Australia in the early 1980s through his many radio, TV and film appearances. He was best known for his work on Triple J's Off The Record and The J-Team with comedians Angela Webber and Adam Bowen and presenters Jonathan Coleman, Ian Rogerson and Rusty Nails, and for his comic partnership with satirist Geoff Kelso, which included their collaboration on Dr Poo.

His credits included appearances in Doctors & Nurses, Tennis Elbow, Winners, Emoh Ruo, A Country Practise, Mother and Son, Rebel and Dancing Daze. He also co-wrote and co-starred in Snow: The Movie (also known as Snow Bunnies: Nerds on Vacation) alongside Geoff Kelso.

Lance died in June 1985 as the result of an accidental fall from a balcony, while attending a party in Sydney.